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Equipment Suggestions


  • The gym equipment suggested below are suggestions.  We pick equipment to represent here based on our pwn personal use in our gym and when we help create gyms for our clients.

  • You do not have to purchase any of the equipment to participate in our Online Personal Training Sessions or Boot Camps.  

  • You can use what you already have on hand, use no equipment at all or choose to use a different brand or company of your choice. We chose to use Amazon for variety and convenience. Feel free to purchase similar items at other retailers.

  • We are not an affiliate of any of the companies spotlighted.


Synergee Sliders

Purchase Here

Handled Resistance Bands

Purchase Here

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor

Purchase Here

Resistance Loop Bands

We suggest 2 packs

Purchase Here

8 lb Medicine Ball

Purchase Here

Small Kettlebells

You can purchase individually or as a set.

Purchase Here

Aerobic Step Platform

Purchase Here

Additional Aerobic Step Risers

Great add on to Original Step for Variety & Steps interchangeable with bigger step for added height.

Purchase Here

Foam Roller

Purchase Here


We suggest a pair of each:

* 3 lb     * 5 lb

* 8 lb     * 10 lb

Purchase Here

Yoga Mat

Purchase Here

Exercise Ball

Recommended Sizes:

55 cm & 65 cm

Purchase Here

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