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Personal Training

At InnerStrength U Personal Training, we care about you, your safety and overall wellness. Exercise should enhance your health. It is our mission to move you towards your health and fitness goals in the safest & most efficient way. At InnerStrength U Personal Training, certified personal trainers, Denise & Curvin, will carefully design a safe, well rounded program of progressive resistance training around your personal fitness goals & your current level of health and fitness. Training sessions run for 30 minutes one on one to meet your needs and can be combined with 45 minute group training. Training is available by appointment throughout the day: early morning until evening,  Monday – Friday. Our workouts will allow you to enjoy all of the general health and fitness benefits that personal training can produce:

  • Improved Self Perception
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Decrease in Daily Medicine Requirements (Physician Consulted)
  • Better Rest and Sleep
  • Increased Self Confidence
  • Discipline and Consistency
  • Improved Physical Appearance
  • Healthy Weight Loss
  • Increase In Strength
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Energy
  • Mobility

We Offer a Wide Variety Of Training

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After signing up, you’ll be asked to complete a short consultation form. We’ll ask you about your goals, workout experience, how much time you have to exercise, nutrition, etc. Denise will use this information to construct a comprehensive fitness plan designed just for you.


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Your online personal trainer will go over your answers with you – based on your goals and preferences –and recommend the InnerStrength Strong Program that is a best match for you. No more guesswork about which exercises to do or what kind of program you should follow. 


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Meet Your Trainers

Denise B. Povernick ~ The “CEO’s Secret Weapon”

Denise B. Povernick works with high-spirited women CEOs, entrepreneurs and C-level executives so they can reliably attain what’s most important in their work and personal lives.

Her combined experience as an energetics master, interrogator, personal trainer, nutritionist, and 9th Degree Reiki Grand Master makes her a formidable agent for change. Her clients refer to her as, “My secret weapon,” as Denise’s coaching enables them to overcome limitations and achieve more than they ever dreamed.

An avid fitness enthusiast, Certified Nutritionist & Certified Personal Trainer, Denise parlayed her passion for well-being into a thriving international “energy-driven” personal training and nutrition company, InnerStrength U, that is co-owned and run by her partner, Curvin Desmoulin.

Curvin Desmoulin 

became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2014. Curvin enjoys helping people transform their body and their lives.  He helps other realize their true strength both physical and mental. The key to realizing one’s true strength is to overcome the fears and doubts that comes with change.

Curvin believes in developing a strong mental focus to help you overcome many life obstacles. Curvin empowers you to realize you are always in control through the power of your choices. Curvin encourages clients to trust themselves by offering challenging training sessions personalized to the individual client’s needs.  He teaches the importance of prepping meals ahead of time for the next day, the importance of cardiovascular exercises and stretching in addition to weight training.

Curvin’s areas of expertise include:  Strength Training, Form & Technique, Sports Conditioning, TRX, Circuit Training, Flexibility, Plyometrics & Kettlebells.  His creative mind allows for great variety, clients never get the same training session twice.  


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Denise B. Povernick
~ The CEO's Secret Weapon

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