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Here’s What We’ll Cover

We’ll show you everything you need to know about your Fit & Healthy Jumpoff Point Endgame & your journey in between, so you can take the best action steps to start your Fit & Healthy Adventure!

4 Elements Evaluation

This evaluation was designed after the 4 elements in nature and to bring your greater awareness of where your are versus where you could be.  We will measure your current Jump Off Point within your body regarding:

  • Water: Your current Hydration Level
  • Air: Your current Oxygenation Level
  • Earth: Your current Caloric Level Value
  • Fire: Your current Metabolism Level

Once you are aware of where you are, you can then begin to establish where you would like to be and how to measure your progress.


4 Core Triggers Evaluation

You have triggers within you, that keep you from moving forward and making the much-needed changes in your life. Most of these triggers are subconscious and you may not know they exist.  This evaluation will help you identify your triggers so can plan ahead of time to overcome them when they make themselves known during your Fit & Healthy Adventure!

We will look at your:

  • Mental Triggers
  • Emotional Triggers
  • Physical Triggers
  • Food Triggers

4 Core Action Steps

Once we have the above evaluations completed, you will be given 4 Core Action Steps that you can take immediately.  They are:

  • Mental Strategy - Thought Changing Techniques
  • Emotional Strategy - Body Awareness
  • Exercise Recommendation - Get Your Body Moving
  • Nutrition Solution - What can stay & what has to go.

These action steps, done over time, will improve your Fit & Healthy levels and provide a great foundation for amazing change.

Your Roadmap

Once we have the above evaluations completed, you will also be given additional Energetic Mindset Steps to evaluate:

  • Defined Jumpoff Point
  • Defined Endgame Goals
  • Creating & Anchoring Your Urgency
  • Supportive System Community
  • How to Measure Progress
  • Option to learn more about our 3 Month No Brainer Nutrition Personalized Program
  • Plus so much more!

At InnerStrength U, we know informed decisions are the best decisions.  We are happy to provide the strongest starting line and finished line to give you a true picture of all your amazing possibilities. 


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We are so confident that you are going to love your Personalized Roadmap to Fit & Healthy. This is exactly what you have been looking to get you unstuck. There is no obligation. We want you to experience our level of commitment to our mission to help others experience a Fit & Healthy Lifestyle.

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Progress Tracking Packet

In addition to your Personalized Road Map to Fit & healthy, we will include our Progress Tracking Packet.  This PAcket Includes all the forms our clients use to track & measure their progress on their Fit & Health Adventure.


The Benefits of Stretching Pdf &  Stretching Video

Get on the right path to Fit & Healthy by getting your body moving.  Enjoy our The Benefits of Stretching Pdf & one of our InnerStrength U Stretching Videos. 

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You are not only just ONE STEP away from getting unstuck but also in obtaining greater awareness of how you can make simple lasting changes now in your life to bring amazing changes long term changes to your health! Don't wait another minute!

Meet Denise B. Povernick

Denise B. Povernick, The CEO Secret Weapon, is a well-known, highly sought after:

Denise helps CEOs, High-Level Executives & Entrepreneurs facilitate Creative Breakthroughs that defy logic.  Denise engineers Performance Optimization through Unbreakable Health and Infinite Supply of Energy.  New levels of Unimaginable Success are not only realized but instantly experienced and completely understood.  Inspired action quickly follows.

Denise has guided thousands of people to connect to their inner strength and inner wisdom.  She helps people shift from feeling stuck, overwhelmed to enjoying life by being aligned with their life purpose through inspired, empowered actions.

In addition to being a mom of 5 amazing children, she has spent the past 25+ years living her passion helping others combine Mind-Body-Spirit to lead a life of healthy & happy fulfilling lives.


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