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True Nutrition is Simple.  Let InnerStrength U help reset your Mindset back to factory settings, so you can Focus on an exciting Fit & Healthy Body & Life.
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No Brainer Nutrition

No Brainer Nutrition is the LAST nutrition plan you will ever have to purchase. We teach you step by step the what, when, why & how food, water, metabolism & breathing must interact with your Mind & Body in order to create the healthy machine your body was designed to be.  In addition to food, we dive into your Subconscious Mind to uncover and obliterate any self-sabotaging habits that stop you from achieving your fit and healthy goals. After completing this program, you will never feel guilty about eating food nor will you care what the number on the scale says!

At InnerStrength University, we believe in alignment of the total package of Mind, Body, and Spirit!  Exercise alone will not bring the total results you desire.  Consistent Results are the combination of Exercise, Nutrition, and the understanding of how the two interact with one another.  This knowledge will help you see results, achieve your goals, and help you decide when to take it to the next level.
InnerStrength Nutritional Plans are different from other plans because the Nutritional Plans are designed for you, your body, your level of fitness, and your goals.  No generic plans here.  You supply a list of healthy foods you love to eat and Denise will design for you a one of a kind plan based on your goals.

Each plan will explain to you in detail: when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat, and how often to eat and why all of these are important. Out plans are designed to jump-start your metabolism.  Your metabolism will transform from a “calorie-burning machine” to a “fat-burning machine.”  Your plan also includes recommended and monitored levels of water intake.  You will never be asked to eat any food you do not like on your plan.  


We Offer a Wide Variety Of Food & Meal Choices

The scale is not the only nor should ever be the only way to measure weight loss.  We use many traditional and many unique ways to measure your progress.

Our Measurements of your progress include:

All modifications are made according to how your body reacts each week.  From the above list, you will see we will have an in-depth conversation of all of your progress points to determine your modifications.  You can also choose a matching personalized training program to coincide with your Nutritional Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you can make any changes to how you think about and eat food, we must understand your current behaviors and tendencies, and loops.  Contributors to poor nutrition and excess weight include stress, travel, work schedule, nutrition knowledge, relationships and many others.  During your consultation, we will gather this information with questions such as:

  • What does a typical day look like for you?
  • What do you struggle with when choosing your foods?
  • Why is making a change so crucial now?
  • How much nutrition is in the current food s you eat?

Collecting this information is important because it allows our nutrition counselor to determine you jump off point, and it gives you the opportunity to reflect on choices that have become routine decisions.  We know that small compromises here and there become bad habits and can result in your weight and overall health being far from where you want it to be.
Based upon your conversation, we will determine if you are ready for this commitment.  If you are Denise will begin to work with you to create a Personalized  Accountability + Nutrition Plan that fits your schedule and nutrition needs.

During future meetings, using your current jump off point, Denise will begin making recommendations to make it easier to eat nutritious meals and satisfying snacks throughout the day to help you reach your nutrition and/or weight loss goals.

First, Denise will determine how much energy your body needs to make it through a normal day.  We will determine your Basal  Metabolic Rate then add in the demands of your lifestyle including work and exercise. In building your plan, two factors are key:

  • You should not be hungry: effective weight loss occurs when your body can maintain ongoing metabolic activity
  • You should eat a variety of foods: a plan including all major food groups best supports long term health and eliminates ongoing feelings of deprivation

Our goal is for you to eat 5-6 times a day, which includes a combination of meals and snacks made with real food.  The purpose is to eat enough food to support a high level of metabolic activity.   

Accountability is key.  Your daily or weekly check ins are just as important as your work meetings or workouts at the gym. As you work with your nutrition counselors, they will begin to understand your habits and will know the important questions to ask to keep you on track. 
We’ll warn you now.  Denise will be tough.   You will not be able to hide behind excuses or argue for your limitations.

Meeting with Denise each week encourages you to regularly reflect on your food choices and eating patterns, and allows you to quickly make

incremental improvements and nip bad habits in the bud.  Because many small changes are easier to make than one massive readjustment, choosing Daily Accountability Check Ins helps keep you on track and accountable to your weight loss and nutrition goals.

Further, regular weekly sessions enable you to discuss upcoming events. 

Preparation & planning are keep to navigating dinners out, weddings, a day at the Amusement Park, a night at the movies etc.  In the same way, coming in to recap these events shortly after they happen allows you receive instant feedback on unforeseen challenges that you tackled during the event.

Preparing and eating your own meals is a key component of your weight loss and nutrition success.  We are aware that there are other weight loss methods on the market that rely on taking supplements such as “fat burners, metabolism boosters, and meal replacement shakes.

Other systems force you to eat pre-packaged meals loaded with preservatives and synthetic ingredients.   We believe that successful weight loss and weight maintenance takes place when your learn how and why you are eating the foods you are eating. 

It is important to know how the food serves you short term (nutrition) and how it is moving you toward your long term goal.

Denise teaches you the right foods to eat, and adjusts your food quantities to achieve 2-3 pounds of weight loss each week.  You will  pick the foods you eat, so you will enjoy all the foods on the plan that will change weekly. You will learn both how to cook your own meals at home, and how to identify the healthy options on a restaurant menu.  We will move you away from eating empty calorie foods from a bag, box or can.

During weight maintenance, you will continue to eat the same foods, but you will learn how much food your body needs to feel full, satisfied, and sustain your healthy weight.  We will look at in the moment feedback from you body to determine if the food your eating serves you will kinesthetic muscle testing.

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After signing up, you’ll be asked to complete a short consultation form. We’ll ask you about your goals, workout experience, how much time you have to exercise, nutrition, etc. Denise will use this information to construct a comprehensive fitness plan designed just for you.


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Your online personal trainer will go over your answers with you – based on your goals and preferences –and recommend the InnerStrength Strong Program that is a best match for you. No more guesswork about which exercises to do or what kind of program you should follow. 


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Denise B. Povernick ~ The “CEO’s Secret Weapon”

Denise B. Povernick works with high-spirited women CEOs, entrepreneurs and C-level executives so they can reliably attain what’s most important in their work and personal lives.

Her combined experience as an energetics master, interrogator, personal trainer, nutritionist, and 9th Degree Reiki Grand Master makes her a formidable agent for change. Her clients refer to her as, “My secret weapon,” as Denise’s coaching enables them to overcome limitations and achieve more than they ever dreamed.

An avid fitness enthusiast, Certified Nutritionist & Certified Personal Trainer, Denise parlayed her passion for well-being into a thriving international “energy-driven” personal training and nutrition company, InnerStrength U, that is co-owned and run by her partner, Curvin Desmoulin.

Curvin Desmoulin 

became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2014. Curvin enjoys helping people transform their body and their lives.  He helps other realize their true strength both physical and mental. The key to realizing one’s true strength is to overcome the fears and doubts that comes with change.

Curvin believes in developing a strong mental focus to help you overcome many life obstacles. Curvin empowers you to realize you are always in control through the power of your choices. Curvin encourages clients to trust themselves by offering challenging training sessions personalized to the individual client’s needs.  He teaches the importance of prepping meals ahead of time for the next day, the importance of cardiovascular exercises and stretching in addition to weight training.

Curvin’s areas of expertise include:  Strength Training, Form & Technique, Sports Conditioning, TRX, Circuit Training, Flexibility, Plyometrics & Kettlebells.  His creative mind allows for great variety, clients never get the same training session twice.  


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Denise B. Povernick
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