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10 Benefits of Exercise by Denise B. Povernick

Exercise is that thing that most people love to hate but the benefits are amazing.  Your body is meant to be in motion.  Yet in today’s lifestyle, most adults are sedentary.  The more you move the better you feel.  We know starting to exercise can be overwhelming for most people especially if you have never done it before or it's been a long time since you have put yourself a priority in your own life.  You may not know how or where to start.  Each Tuesday we will be offering lots of great information to help you.

So today let’s start with the obvious benefits of exercising.  Even if you can only identify with 1 item on this list it is a sign for you to get moving and take better care of yourself.  The more of these benefits you need in your life the stronger the Universe is pushing you to start.

1. Exercise will boost feeling good about yourself and your life.  

It’s not a coincidence that you feel better after a...

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Balance Check by Denise B. Povernick

Putting one foot in front of the other seems like an easy concept without much thought involved. After we learn to walk as a toddler, we usually don’t give walking or balance much thought. Balance is a crucial part of life. We usually don’t know it’s not working until it is challenged or gone. Balance helps you sit, stand, get up and down, walk, run, ride a bike and includes everyday functional moves to experience your day.

At InnerStrength University, balance is an essential component of every exercise we do or instruct as part of our Personal Training Programs. Balance involves your core muscles—the ones surrounding your spine. Whether we incorporate a balance exercise for balance itself, for example, the Yoga Tree Pose, or as a part of another exercise, such as a one leg weighted deadlift, every exercise will challenge and give instant feedback to exactly how balanced and strong your core is functioning.

Uneven cracked pavements, a misjudged step or even...

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