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10 Signs It's Time For Change by Denise B. Povernick

Change is not something you do, it is who you are. You are never not changing. Cells are splitting and dividing, your heart is beating, you are aware of more information than 10 minutes ago. In fact, in every moment, in every second, you are brand new, never the same person physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.. You’ve never done the same thing twice.

Your Ego will make you believe you have a repetitive nature. You cannot nor have you ever done the same (even seemingly repetitive tasks) twice. So then how can you compare the new you to an older less effective version of yourself. Why then, when it comes to change you make excuses out of fear of making the wrong choice or doing it the wrong way? Why keep yourself frozen in time and place merely existing when a wonderful and adventurous life if yours for the making?

When you resist change, you are giving away your personal power by accepting a limited version of your true self. By being drawn to this article, you are...

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