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10 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer by Denise B. Povernick

10 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer

So you made the decision to start to exercise and purchase a gym membership or you decide to workout from home and follow exercise instructors on YouTube or TV. Yet you feel overwhelmed because there is so much conflicting information out there or you simply don’t know how to proper use the equipment. Then there’s terms like resistance, plyometrics, supinate, pronate and on top of that you got to remember to breathe. What weight do you start with? How do you know when to increase it? What is a drop set? You think to yourself that you might as well be speaking a foreign language.

This is such a common experience even if you have some background in exercise and sports. The exercise industry is full of alleged “quick fix” costly fads. So in this article we will discuss 10 reasons why you need a personal trainer no matter what your level of fitness. Did you know that even the top competitors in the Olympia contests...

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