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10 Signs It's Time For Change by Denise B. Povernick

Jun 15, 2020

Change is not something you do, it is who you are. You are never not changing. Cells are splitting and dividing, your heart is beating, you are aware of more information than 10 minutes ago. In fact, in every moment, in every second, you are brand new, never the same person physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.. You’ve never done the same thing twice.

Your Ego will make you believe you have a repetitive nature. You cannot nor have you ever done the same (even seemingly repetitive tasks) twice. So then how can you compare the new you to an older less effective version of yourself. Why then, when it comes to change you make excuses out of fear of making the wrong choice or doing it the wrong way? Why keep yourself frozen in time and place merely existing when a wonderful and adventurous life if yours for the making?

When you resist change, you are giving away your personal power by accepting a limited version of your true self. By being drawn to this article, you are being asked to re-examine where you are now and why you are settling for less than an amazing life.

Yes you will argue for your limitations, but you really have none other than your belief that you have limitations. Ask yourself this reflective question: “What would your life be life if you forgot your fears and limitations?” In your answer, you will begin to unwrap how amazing you and your life are meant to be.

Here are 10 Signs Time for Change:

1. Enough is enough. You’ve forgotten you have choices.

Allow yourself to let go of people, ideas and situations that no longer serve you. Let go now. Love yourself by knowing you are more than they allow you to be.

2. Romanticizing the Past.

If you spend more time thinking about how it use to be, then being present right here, right now, then where you are and what you’re doing no longer serves you. You cannot make the present moment better by denying its existence.

3. Minor Irritations are No Longer Minor.

Nothing can bother you unless you feed it your negative energy through negative thoughts. The difference between a weed and a flower is your thought/judgment of it. Nothing has meaning until you give it meaning. If you find yourself spending more time irritated over the little stuff, it’s time for change.

4. Feeling Stuck or Trapped.

Most people fear going to prison. Yet everyday the same people keep themselves locked up in a mental prison of fear and “what ifs.” Nothing outside of you has your stuck or trapped other than your thoughts you are stuck/trapped. Is this really the best you can be doing with your thoughts?

5. You Settle for “Almost.”

Your Ego is constantly telling you that you are not “enough.” What is this “enough?” Most people don’t know what the enough is there being compared too but somehow feel that they are not it. Sounds crazy, right? This is why you will settle for “almost.” You are more than enough, always have been, always will be. It’s time for change.

6. When You Say No More than You Say Yes.

This Universe is a life giving, life affirming Universe always saying Yes. It is the natural way of being. It is the flow. You are this Universe, saying “No” denies you of your natural state. If this is where you are, it’s time for change.

7. You make excuses.

There is no such thing as small change or small lies. Excuses are lies. They deny you of tapping you into your power. If you find yourself putting things off instead of doing it right now because ________ <—(insert excuse here), it’s time for change.

8. You’re Bored or Stressed.

You’ve never been alive at a better time in history. You were born an original. There is never been a person like you until now in all of human history. This is an amazing world with endless opportunities. If you are bored or stressed you have forgotten the previous statements are true. it’s time to remember. It’s time for change.

9. You Allow Others and Circumstanced to Define You.

If you don’t know who you are, you will allow others and circumstances to define you over and over again. Part of your life purpose is connecting to your passion by defining who you are by enjoying life experiences. In doing so, you will help and inspire others. If you don’t know who you are, it’s time to find out.

10. You Emotions Remind You.

Depression is simply denying the real you by accepting a fake life and not knowing how to change it. It’s time for change when you’re ready to shed the fake to discover the real.

Change not only begins with the recognition that it’s time, but when you realize change is not to be feared but embraced by embracing yourself. Begin with going within yourself and asking yourself to define what the most amazing life and most amazing you would look like. Simply start now and take a step. You don’t need to know every step, just the next one. One step at a time will get you everywhere you want to go. You just got to be willing to take that step. Decide now.

~ Denise B. Povernick


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